IV Conscious Sedation

For certain procedures, our dentists may want you to remain awake but relaxed in order to achieve the excellent results. One solution to this is IV (intravenous) conscious sedation. This is a procedure that allows our dentist to use an IV in order to utilize an anesthetic to block pain and a sedative to help relax your muscles. During the procedure, you will likely stay awake, but you may feel sleepy. The effects can produce a dreamlike state that allows for a quick transition back into your day once the procedure ends.

At A Brighter Smile Dental Care, we utilize IV sedation to help our patients feel more relaxed and at ease with their treatments. We find that by using this technique, we can provide a combination of comfort and professionalism for our patients. Our team consistently monitors your safety during the procedure to make certain that you are comfortable and safe throughout your time with us.

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