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Finding it hard to survive the holidays without breaking a bracket on yummy goodies? I’d like to share a few foods to avoid, as well as some tasty substitutes to satisfy your sweet tooth!

While flavored popcorn is a holiday go-to, instead try some potato chips. You can substitute your regular piece of gum for a sugar-free piece to quench your breath. Put those caramel-covered apples on standby, and instead grab a shake or some ice-cream! If taffy was on your agenda, I suggest some good, old-fashioned chocolate.

Check out the list my assistants have helped me compile, and see if some of your favorite treats are on it. If you think of something that we have missed, feel free to comment below! We’ve also included some recipe links that we love here at A Brighter Smile Dental Care!

Treats to Avoid: Substitute Treats: 
Popcorn (all kinds)Potato chips
Candy canesFruit
Candy cornPie, cake, or pastries
GumSugar-free gum
Caramel applesIce cream or shakes
TaffyChocolate or fudge
SuckersMarshmallows or brownies


Don’t forget! If candy canes and sugar plums are dancing in your head, try some cinnamon rolls and pie to numb that craving instead!

-Dr. Thuy Wiesner