Are Your Ready for Cosmetic Dentistry?

Are your ready for cosmetic dentistry? Are you looking to enhance the natural look of your teeth or would you like to give yourself an entire smile makeover? Cosmetic dentistry can even be used to replace missing teeth with alternative forms that can look and function better than the originals.... Read more »

Mouthwash VS Toothpaste

Have you ever added toothbrush or mouthwash to your shopping list without really knowing which products might be best for you? Have you ever found yourself staring at a wide assortment of brushes or mouthwash and not really understanding why there are so many options? Would you be surprised to... Read more »

Why Dental Floss Is Important

Dental floss can clean between teeth where many tools fail, including toothbrushes. Not only can thread be used to clean between teeth, but water flossers can be used as well. Both are designed to wash away food particles and debris between teeth that may go untouched or unremoved by other... Read more »

Crowns or Veneers: Which One Is Best for You?

Dental crowns and dental veneers are highly popular tooth restoration treatments that can turn below average smiles into shining white masterpieces. The reason is because both are highly customized to each patient, and can give your teeth the look, style, color, and function your teeth deserve. However, which one is... Read more »

Dental Implants and Bridges: What You Need to Know

You probably know that missing a tooth can be embarrassing, and that you should have a missing tooth addressed as soon as possible. However, did you know that missing teeth can also affect the health of your entire mouth? If you’re missing teeth, we recommend considering the benefits of a... Read more »

For a Strong Smile, Prevent These Dental Issues

Having a strong and healthy smile can be extremely beneficial. In fact, it can give you the functional, beautiful, and pain-free smile you deserve. In order to achieve this smile goal, there is one thing you need to do: prevent these dental issues at all costs: -Tooth decay: Tooth decay... Read more »

How Braces are Made

Malocclusion, or crooked teeth and a misaligned bite, is a common issue. Some people’s teeth come in crooked, overlapping, or crowded. This may occur when a person’s mouth is too small for their teeth. Individuals may also have gapped teeth. Other times, a person may have upper and lower jaws... Read more »

A Clear, Plastic Retainer Needs Daily Care and Cleaning

Braces work by applying tension to your teeth and the periodontal ligaments that are anchoring them in their sockets. If your teeth only need a modest amount of realignment from braces or Invisalign®, you might be a good candidate for a clear, plastic retainer in Shreveport, Louisiana. As the name... Read more »

Gift These Habits to Yourself This Holiday Season

This holiday season, consider giving yourself the gift of oral health, and your smile will thank you. Your smile's enemy is plaque and calculus on your teeth and gumline. This soft, sticky film contains millions of bacteria which can lead to gum disease, loose teeth, and bad breath if it... Read more »

All You Need to Know About the Best Way to Use Your Orthodontic Wax

Your orthodontic wax is a handy tool—but only if you know how to properly use it. It might seem self-explanatory, but some people aren’t sure how to take advantage of this beneficial product. If you are one of these people, our A Brighter Smile Dental Care orthodontic team is happy... Read more »