If you are looking to enhance the cosmetic appearance of a tooth, our dentists may recommend dental bonding in order to correct a variety of dental imperfections. Having flaws in your smile, no matter how small, can make you self-conscious about showing off your teeth. At our practice, we want you to feel confident in your smile. If you are interested in learning more about our dental bonding in Shreveport, Bossier, and northwest Louisiana, we invite you to call us today at (318) 688-9330 and set up your appointment with Drs. Wiesner, Wiesner and Brouillette.

For those who are looking to improve the appearance of one or more teeth, dental bonding is a great option for correcting minor but prominent dental issues, including gaps and spaces between teeth, misshapen teeth, lightly stained or discolored teeth, or chipped or cracked teeth.

Dental bonding is a simple, conservative way to improve the appearance of your smile. During the bonding process, our skilled dentist will place a composite resin material directly onto the tooth structure. We will use a shade of composite resin that matches the original color of your teeth for a natural-looking effect. The composite resin is then hardened, trimmed, and polished to provide a lasting, aesthetic restoration for your smile.

For more information on cosmetic dental bonding and how our team at A Brighter Smile Dental Care can help you improve your smile, we welcome you to contact us today at (318) 688-9330.