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Most children begin losing their baby teeth around age 6. If you want to bring the magic of the Tooth Fairy alive in your home, you’ll have to take up the mantle! This may seem like a daunting task, so Dr. Michael Wiesner and our team are more than happy to provide you with tips.

Use a Tooth Fairy Pillow
Your child may want to use a Tooth Fairy to hold his or her lost tooth in. These pillows can be bought from a store or you can make one yourself. Generally, a Tooth Fairy pillow is a tiny pillow with a small pocket that can be closed with a zipper or button.

Make a Tooth Fairy Kit
Making a Tooth Fairy kit can help you be prepared when your child loses a tooth. Keep coins or small bills in this kit. You can also keep tooth-shaped awards in your Tooth Fairy kit. Use these awards to compliment your child for great dental hygiene. Keep colorful paper and a fine-tipped in your kit to write letters from the Tooth Fairy to your child.

Leave Fairy Dust
Use glitter or glitter glue to leave “fairy dust” on your child’s pillow or on your child’s letter from the Tooth Fairy.

We encourage you to contact A Brighter Smile Dental Care at 318-524-7729 for more tips and to schedule your child’s next appointment with our dentist in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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