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Has the loss of one or more teeth made you feel self-conscious, but you don’t want to deal with uncomfortable dentures or remove healthy tooth structure to receive a dental bridge? If so, you may find that dental implants are the right choice for your smile. Dental implants are comprised of titanium posts that replace the tooth roots, as well as dental restorations to replace the teeth.

We may recommend you receive dental implants to enhance your smile and life in one or more of the following ways:

– Improve self-esteem and smile appearance: Your dental implants are custom made to look and feel like original teeth. They become lifelong additions to your smile when they fuse with the jawbone, and, since they look like teeth, they can improve self-esteem.
– Improve speech: While ill-fitting dentures can shift around and cause you to slur or mumble, dental implants won’t slip, but rather can increase your confidence.
– Improve comfort: Implants replace the discomfort of removable dentures because they become part of you.
– Improve dental health: Because there is no tooth reduction required, your remaining teeth can remain intact, which enhances your dental health in the long-term.
– Improve durability: The strength of dental implants enables them to last for several years–even as long as a lifetime with proper care.
– Improve eating: Ill-fitting dentures can make eating difficult when they shift each time you take a bite or chew but because dental implants function like natural teeth, they enable you to once again eat with confidence.
– Improve convenience: You do not need to remove your dental implants at night or hold them in place with dental adhesive, as they are a stable part of your smile.

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