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How would you rank your oral health care treatment planning in the last 5 years? Would you say that your healthcare is getting better or getting worse? Often times, individuals tend to find themselves working less and less to maintain their smile as they age. Unfortunately, you need to be doing the exact opposite, as more time is needed to keep your smile safe from the risks and hazards that seek to destroy your teeth and gums as you age.

Listed below are a few helpful tips to remember:

– Schedule visits with your dentist so you can have regular checkups and professional cleanings every 6 months.
– Stay away from substances that can damage your teeth, including snacks that are difficult to bite into.
– Eat a healthy diet that is sugar-free and high in enamel-building minerals.
– If you have dentures, it is vital to remove them and have them soaked in a denture-cleaning solution every night.
– Try to use cleaning products you’re using are not abrasive and will not cause additional damage your tooth enamel.
– Stay away from unhealthy habits that can easily damage your smile, including smoking, drinking heavy alcohol, and chewing tobacco.
– Be careful with any medications you are taking or any other substances that can promote dry mouth.
– Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once daily as well.
– Be sure to attend routine oral cancer screenings.

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