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Has Dr. Michael R. Wiesner detected a void in your teeth? It’s time to get a dental filling. Dental fillings are amazing. Not only do they prevent cavities from further destroying a tooth, but they prevent their return. Dental fillings can be implemented with a variety of materials based on the needs of your smile and your teeth.

For disproportionately larger cavities, amalgam fillings tend to be the safer option, considering their durability and ease of placement. However, they do leave behind a metallic shine, and may not be as cosmetically appealing as other alternatives.

A composite filling, also called a tooth-colored filling, matches the natural color of your teeth. They are mercury-free and are the better option when it comes to smaller cavities. Unlike dental amalgams, which must be fully removed before being repaired, composites can be placed without ever needing to eliminate the original filling.

If a tooth is too far gone for a dental filling to recover, you can ask Dr. Michael R. Wiesner about dental crowns.

If you are in need of a dental filling from our team at A Brighter Smile Dental Care at our dentist office in Shreveport, Louisiana, please call (318) 688-9330 to book an appointment with Dr. Michael R. Wiesner. Fill the void today.