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For some, the thought of our office gives them a good giggle. Why? In order to relieve anxiety, we administer a chemical called nitrous oxide — also known as laughing gas. That isn’t the only anesthetic that we can use to make your treatments more comfortable. Dr. Michael R. Wiesner has a variety of options that can help to relieve anxiety, put you to sleep or numb all discomfort.

Sedatives relieve anxiety and can induce sleep, while anaesthetics relieve pressure.

Some sedatives and anaesthetics include:

Enteral Sedation
A pill or liquid that is taken orally. It can induce drowsiness and relieve anxiety.

General Anesthesia
The chemical is released into the veins and puts you to sleep for the entire treatment.

IV Sedation
Using an IV, the dentist can create a deep sedation without sleep.

Nitrous Oxide
Also called laughing gas, this is the most common form of sedation. It alleviates pain and reduces stress and is usually inhaled.

You don’t need to be scared of any dental treatments because we will ensure your peaceful comfort. Make sure to come into A Brighter Smile Dental Care in Shreveport, Louisiana, if you need help with anything dental.