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Dental floss can clean between teeth where many tools fail, including toothbrushes. Not only can thread be used to clean between teeth, but water flossers can be used as well. Both are designed to wash away food particles and debris between teeth that may go untouched or unremoved by other forms of cleaning. Listed below are some ways to improve your flossing skills:

– A truly effective flossing session lasts at least two minutes and hits the spaces between every single tooth and crevice.
– Ensure your dental floss or water flosser reaches the standards of the American Dental Association’s ADA Seal of Acceptance program. If your product lacks the seal, seek approval from your dentist before use.
– Always look for dental floss that does not rip or shred easily.
– Make sure your floss easily glides through your hands during use. Never use the same section of thread for more than one tooth. A single strand of floss at least 18 inches long should suffice to clean all teeth.
– Wrap floss around a finger on each hand but make it loose enough so that you can glide up and down the sections of new floss as necessary.

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